Talkee Walkee
Talkee Walkee
Walk In Present Company

Need a walk? care to talk?


are you tired of social media and just want to be social?

Do you need a sidekick to help you finish those 10k steps?

some company on the way to your destination? 

an attentive audience?

someone with whom to complain about the general state of things? 

a way to connect with the outdoors?

maybe you want to hear a story on a neighborhood stroll?  

we can talk about whatever you feel like talking about. We can walk however you like to walk.


Talkee Walkee is about real time, one-on-one, face-to-face human interaction, a recess from your interior life, talking and walking through the beautiful streets of West LA.

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How It Works

We meet at any outdoor location that's convenient for you. We take a walk for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes and, if you like, have a conversation. Our walking talks will be in public and at a pace you choose. I will ask you to sign a release of liability form before we begin moving, although our journeys will likely never be strenuous. Beginning and ending points can either be the same or separate locations. 



my name is Patrick.

i'm a painter and former art teacher who started Talkee Walkee as an excuse to leave the studio and converse with complete strangers. for over a decade I've been exploring cities by foot, and in collaboration with others.

after art school in NYC and graduate school in New Haven I lived in Berlin, Buffalo, Brooklyn, and the Hudson Valley. The fascinating individuals I met in these places have come to inform how I see the world. This year I've returned to my home town to do what I enjoy most: talk, walk (and listen) with anyone who would like to do the same.




I'm available to meet anywhere between La Cienega Boulevard and the Pacific Ocean, south of the mountains and north of LAX, between 9am and 8pm, Monday thru Saturday.





15-minute walk



five 15-minute walks



30-minute walk



five 30-minute walks



45-minute walk



five 45-minute walks



1-hour walk



five 1-hour walks


Ask About Walks or Plan a Walk

Shoot me an email stating where and when you'd like to meet, and your name. You need not provide any other information so long as a time and place is clear. All walks are scheduled at least 24-hours in advance. So that you feel comfortable walking, we can Skype beforehand and I can answer questions you might have that way. Talkee Walkee customer references can also be provided.

where will we meet?
where will we meet?
what time?
what time?
what day?
what day?